Waxing Poetic on Booze: The 50/50 Martini

An ode to a variation on the classic with our house recipe included

Pandemic imbibing has been as much as a reflection of one’s habits as it has been plentiful — not that we’re in any rush to throttle back anytime soon. We’re cruising at a cool, and legally safe in the state of Georgia, 80 mph and loving every minute of it. 

So what’s been the pandemic vice? We’ve witnessed the explosion of the Negroni and bitter Campari permeating through the menswear industry by the likes of social influencers WM Brown and the like. While we relish in a Negroni or two, we’ve had our hands around the neck of a gin and vermouth bottle for some time now. The Martini has been the cocktail of the hour, every hour (after 5pm of course). We love it in all ways but particularly in the form known as the 50/50 Martini: half gin, half vermouth. 

Whole wars have waged over what’s considered a martini and for this post’s sake, it’s no hill we’re willing to die on — there’d be no more martini to 'tini. So we’re just coming at you with some general knowledge on how we like it and how to make it at home. So here it is, the 50/50 Martini. 


The 50/50 Martini

Recommended Gin: The Botanist or Beefeater London Dry
Recommended Vermouth: Dolin Dry Vermouth
Recommended Glassware: Coupe, Nick & Nora or Rocks Glass

1.5 oz London Dry Gin

1.5 oz Dry Vermouth

1-3 dashes of Orange Bitters

1 Twist of Lemon + Olive(s)


If using coupe, nick & nora or martini glass, place in freezer to chill
Combine gin, vermouth and bitters into a mixing pitcher
Add ice and stir for 20 - 30 seconds, adding an additional ice cube or two as you go
Remove glass from freezer
Pour cocktail over ice using a hawthorne strainer
Cut a lemon swath and trim the crude edges
Express the lemon over the top of the glass, rimming the glass before placing inside
Add olive(s)