On Dressing For The Holidays

This holiday season, dress like yourselves because there are no more rules. 

The holidays are as much a time of revelry as they are reflection. And this year, we’re focused on the little moments we spend with others. After a momentous 20-odd months, we’re still very much in the thick of this pandemic, with variants of greek nomenclature populating like rabbits. It can leave one downtrodden and demoralized. But like all tragedies, there are silver linings. It’s the little moments we get with others that make all of this — and what comes with it — worth it. 

How we wear ourselves through these troubling times is how we’re remembered by others. And as we publish our OOO emails and disable notifications over the coming weeks, we do so in tandem while packing our bags — or for those staying local, prepping our homes for arriving guests. This act, often an afterthought and at times stressful, should be viewed differently now — meditative and intentional. What we wear, how we get dressed, is our way of defining and expressing ourselves — our personalities, our desires. 

And when we look good, we feel good. That’s valuable stuff right there. 

With that, we should take the opportunity this holiday season to dress up — to really, truly get dressed well. Whether it’s a tuxedo or a double-breasted blazer over a cable knit sweater and jeans, the slate is wiped clean on what can and is appropiate for whatever gathering you’re attending. Most importantly, dress like yourselves. And wear it like you own it because you do.