Timelessness: an American Chino Story

Four scores and one-hundred and twenty-ish years ago (roughly), the chino pant was introduced during the Spanish-American war by American armed forces in the Philippines. Gargantuan, heavy-duty and ready for mud, blood and whatever else comes with young boys at war, the chino has endured — as designed. Just don’t call it a khaki. Or do, if you really must. We are not particularly judgemental. But this article isn’t about the chino pant’s foundation, it’s about its endurance through time. 

America is a fascinating anomaly. The very homage it portrays is a curtain of hypocritical shades. It’s everything and nothing at the same time. Despite your politics, we’ve provided some damn good things along the way. Even in our current, turbulent times, we should be proud of many of the things we have and continue to export — an almost limitless supply of it.

Icons like the ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Air, a fifth of Jack Daniels, the New York Yankees, Delta Blues, and Grace Kelly in pearls. We’re also responsible for many sartorial pursuits: the denim jean and denim jacket, the roots of which stem from the blue collar workers — industrious miners, shoveling through the rock-littered lands of Cali-for-ni-a. So it’s no surprise the chino is yet another iconic American classic.

But just like great American cultural exports, the long history of textile manufacturing is one too. No great chino quality is currently woven in the United States, so we looked to Japan, where they’re doing it best. It’s light enough for the warmer seasons, yet durable enough to withstand everyday wear. Most importantly, it’s comfort is unsurpassed, a truly beautiful piece of fabric. 

We’re excited for the opportunity to have our take on it. Ubiquitous, utilitarian, humble. The chino pant is as timeless as, well, time. More so, it’s circular. It comes and goes — sometimes in less-than-popular silhouettes and drapes (talking to you 1980s). But never-the-less it comes back around. Here at Onsloe, we like to keep our finger on the pulse and through all the trials, tribulations and seasons, we recognize the desire for a fit for all. Our chino comes in both a slim or regular fit and is made according to your size and preferences. As we’ve always said, we celebrate the individual and a unique look, feel, and fit for all. Welcome to the Timeless.