Customizable Menswear. Made to Order. Curated in New York City.


How We Do It

It begins by changing the way we make clothing. We understand that the status quo is fundamentally broken and it’s damaging our world. Each garment is made-to-order using a limited amount of fabric and is cut and sewn by our tailors, trained in the Italian art form.

Thoughtfully Sourced Fabrics

Our fabrics are thoughtfully and responsibly sourced from around the world — from the oldest looms just outside of Osaka to one of the last remaining vertical woolen mills in Great Britain. We pay close attention to detail and celebrate the subtle brilliance of the craft.

Limited Edition Garments

Each Onsloe item is one of a select few that will ever be made — a unique staple to your wardrobe. This eliminates wasteful over-production that all too often end up in landfills or becomes incinerated.

Made To Order

As each garment is made upon purchase you have the ability to make it your own with customizable options. Whether it’s adding a pocket, embroidering your initials, adding an inch or so to the arms — we celebrate a unique look, fit, and feel for all.

Sustainable Business Model

Less Inventory, less waste. We purchase limited-edition rolls of fabric to cut and sew into each garment. Alongside creating less waste, this gives us the ability to use one roll of fabric for a variety of styles based on the season — what is a late Spring polo can become a long-sleeve version in Autumn. By recycling our fabrics based on classic, utilitarian styles, we’re doing our part in redefining our industry and building a better world.

Wear-No-Tear Warranty

We proudly stand behind our product. We offer a 3-year-warranty on our clothes. Any damage caused by “normal wear” will be repaired by us at no charge. All you have to do is ship the garment back to us (at your expense) and we will repair it and ship it back to you (at our expense).

Take-Back Program

There is no need to throw away your Onsloe garments after they have served out their intended purpose. Just contact our customer service department for a shipping label and return your garment to us. We have many clever ideas of what to do with this to save it from landfills and incinerators (which just end up hurting our planet). When you do, we will make a donation to a tree planting initiative in your name. Do good, feel good!

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