We recognize that it is our responsibility to consider the impact that our clothes make on people and the environment as well as what happens to our garments after they have served their intended purpose. Unfortunately, as a small company, we face often impassable hurdles on what steps we can take to make this planet a better place for the current generations and for those to come. Yet we must do what we can, and we need to do it today.

Your garments will be delivered to you absent of any plastic packaging material that is commonly used in the industry. Although you might need more clothes, this planet does not need more plastic! We instead use recycled paper material as a substitute where applicable. 

To prolong the life of your Onsloe garments we offer a 3-year “

Wear-No-Tear” warranty. We have also instituted a “take-back” program to minimize Onsloe garments from finding their way to landfills or incinerators. At Onsloe, we produce only what you order — the antithesis of fast fashion.  

However, we know this is not enough and that we (and the industry at large) have more work to do. In the years to come, we will implement more sustainability initiatives with the intent of minimizing our impact on the environment and to create a better planet for us all. 

Fall 2022

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