In order to ensure your Onsloe garments continue to look good after washing, always follow our care instructions attached to the inside of the garment. For extra precaution please note:

  • Dark colors should be washed inside-out in cold water with a mild detergent (we recommend using Woolite or a similar product) in order to avoid color to bleed out.
  • In general, always avoid dry tumbling your garments as this creates undue stress and wear on seams and fabrics. After wash, hang to dry, straightening out folds and creases by hand. Dry at room temperature.
  • While using an iron, use a steam iron (or spray bottle) so that the garment is slightly damp in the process. This reduces the time it will take you to iron and more efficiently deals with wrinkles.
  • Dark colors should be ironed inside out to avoid press marks. 
  • For wool jackets and pants, the best “cleaning” is to air out the garment outdoors (avoid direct exposure to sunlight). The fresh air will revitalize the fiber and remove odors. Always use a steamer rather than an iron (which will flatten the fiber and leave press marks). 
  • Spot clean stains with lukewarm water on a cloth. For stubborn stains, use mild hand soap. Do not rub a stain but rather pat the stain and gently scrape it with your nail until removed. Seek professional cleaning for stains that you cannot remove in this manner without damaging the fabric.
  • If you choose to dry clean your garment, please use only reputable professional dry cleaners with attention to garment care. Worn (or faulty) pressing equipment or incorrect operation will destroy garments and/or buttons. 

For any questions in regard to care for your garments, please contact and we will do our best to guide you.

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