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The Oregon Coast With Creative Director Robb McNeill

Onsloe Curated -

Robb Mcneill is a creative director based out of Portland, OR. He’s seen here in Onsloe, photographed by his partner, Hanna Voxland. The duo are a creative powerhouse, working on a variety of projects, including this photoshoot for Onsloe. We caught up with Robb over email to talk about his days, if he’s eating well and what quarantine has done for his creative output. 

Photography by Hanna Voxland for Onsloe Curated.

O: First off, how are you? How has your week been?

R: All things considered, I’m doing well! Trying to make the most of these extremely strange times we’ve found ourselves in. This week has been great, I was able to sneak in an early morning surf on Monday, did some tie-dyeing last night, and I’ve started watching the Sopranos again.

O: As an artist & creative director, do you typically work from your home? How has your process or workflow changed at all since quarantine? What’s your routine looking like these days?

R: With my day job as a Creative Director, I am typically pretty much 9-5 in the office five days a week. Luckily my office is just two blocks away which is a nice way to start my day. It’s nights and weekends when I am working on other creative projects with whatever creative energy I’ve got left in the tank. Quarantine has definitely switched things up. I have been working from home now since mid-March, but I try to keep a similar routine by waking up, showering, getting dressed, and listening to some news podcasts while I’m making coffee before my first Zoom call of the morning. Then it’s quite a few Zoom calls throughout the day collaborating with my team, with breaks here and there for sketching or working on decks. Once I’ve wrapped up the workday, I’ll typically do a home workout class, and if it’s nice out, Hanna and I will take the motorcycle for a spin. Then it’s dinner, some natural wine, and a movie before bed.

O: Have you been cooking? Favorite meal? What has your go-to drink been?

R: We have been cooking quite a bit. I’ve got to give Hanna credit, she has really come into her own as a Chef during Quarantine, but I do have my go-to meals to give her a night off. I have been working on perfecting butter-basted steaks with garlic and sage on my cast iron pan, which I’ll usually pair with brussel sprouts with bacon and onions finished with a touch of fresh-squeezed orange juice. As far as drinks go, I’ll rotate between Hazy IPA’s, Mezcal Old Fashioneds, and lately, I have been getting really into natural wine, specifically orange wines.


O: What do you miss most about life as usual? What do you think you’ll miss most when things “go back to normal?”

R: I really miss seeing live music with friends. I had tickets to see Tame Impala and Dead and Company a few times this Summer which have obviously been canceled, and I’ve also missed the spur of the moment shows from local acts around town in Portland. I miss traveling, seeing my friends and family, and sitting down for an incredible dinner at a restaurant. What will I miss about Quarantine? I’ll probably miss being so in control of my own schedule.

O: Have you been inspired? Any new projects that were born over these last few months? 

R: I have been inspired! Nothing that I’m ready to share quite yet, but I have absolutely been working on a few different future endeavors that will hopefully see the light of day at some point this year.

O: You and Hanna started Saturday’s Child. Tell us a little more about that project and perhaps what’s next?

R: It started as just a fun weekend project pretty early on into Quarantine. Thanks to Instagram, we immediately started receiving inquiries for tie-dyes from friends and family. We both had a lot of fun doing it, and it was something that we knew we wanted to get better at, so we figured...what better time than now to start a little brand? It’s received a great response, and it’s been a blast being able to have yet another creative outlet that we are able to share with friends, family, and complete strangers alike.


Go-to activity: Surfing or riding my 1975 BMW R90/6 motorcycle

Go-to playlist: “Gentlemen’s Quarantine” by GQ’s Will Welch

Go-to cocktail: Mezcal Old Fashioned or a Penicillin

Top film: The Big Lebowski

Top TV: The Sopranos or F*ck That’s Delicious

Top book: LIFE by Keith Richards