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At Home In Brooklyn With Ian Felton

Onsloe Curated -

Part one of our series: Together, Alone. We interviewed artists and creatives of different disciplines across the country on how they shape their days at home. Ian is seen here photographed by close-friend and photographer Paris Mumpower.

Photography by Paris Mumpower 

Ian Felton is a Furniture Designer & Artist based out of New York City. His first collection, KOSA, debuted at New York’s Galerie Michael Bargo toward the end of 2019 and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Surface Magazine, Ignant, among others.

We caught up with Ian while staying at a friend’s brownstone home in Brooklyn for a weekend visit to the city. Between back and forth jaunts in Brooklyn and the Catskills these last few months, Ian has been hard at work planning an upcoming exhibition in St. Moritz and working on a series of projects for clients. Despite his busy schedule, he took a moment to talk with an old friend, over an espresso, on a particularly clear & cool Sunday morning in May.

First of all, how are you?

I’m pretty good all things considered! I’m really lucky to not have been locked in my apartment this whole time, so it’s been a nice reset.

What have your days consisted of? Have you had a routine? What are you eating these days?

So my days have been pretty dynamic which is good. I just started a big project upstate so in addition to working on that I’ve been spending a lot of time hiking, sculpting, and cooking fresh veggies. Every day has been different, which I feel super lucky for. This time has definitely been restorative.

What has working from home been like? Where are you working usually — a desk, table, in bed?

Work from home has been pretty versatile. I definitely split time between hands-on creation and computer/sketch ideation, so I’m used to moving around. It keeps things fresh. I definitely need rigidity for sketching so that usually happens at a desk or table, but computer work is usually a bit more comfortable - on the sofa or a lounge. I really embrace the versatility and change of scenery. I think it’s a great mental stimulus.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I have distinctively different playlists for different moods. I’ve been listening to a lot of new wave post-punk like Talking Heads and The Smiths but then I have my Brigitte Bardot days and then I have my Gypsy Kings days.

Top 5 meals you’ve made this month.

Oh, man. I’m sort of ashamed to say this but a lot of my friends are really amazing cooks/chefs and have been in my quarantine circle, so I’ve been a bit spoiled. I’ve been doing all the cleaning though, don’t worry.

Don’t be ashamed! We’re all eating pretty well it seems — despite the circumstances. We’ve also been thirsty. Particularly chilled Sicilian reds. What’s your vice of choice these days?

It sounds cliche but it’s getting hotter and I’ve really been enjoying a lot of skin contact wines. Georgia historically has a lot of really amazing skin contact wines, so I’ve been in a bit of an affair with Georgian Orange wines - Pheasant’s Tears is a go-to winemaker for me.

You can learn more about Ian’s work by visiting his website, ianfeltonstudio.com